Advertisers Dashboard

Adjoe is a leading company in the mobile advertising industry.
However, all advertising campaigns were created and managed manually by account managers through a problematic internal UI. Recognizing the need for improvement, the company approached me to enhance its poor UX and refine the UI, with the aim of transforming the internal product into a user-friendly Self-Service platform that advertisers could effortlessly use on their own.
More than 120 individual screens and forms.
The project involved a complete overhaul of all screens, navigation and interactions, with new sections and features added. For all major design decisions, we conducted user interviews in which account managers, who work with the dashboard on a daily basis, served as experts and provided valuable feedback. This user-centric approach ensured that the redesigned interface was intuitive, efficient, and tailored to the needs of those using it every day.
Mobile version? Yes!
According to surveys, users found the process of creating and managing campaigns too complicated to be handled from a mobile phone, but they wanted easy access to statistics and key performance indicators.
The mobile version lacks some features of the main website but acts as a handy tool for checking performance metrics on-the-go. This allows users to stay informed and make decisions based on data, even when they're not at their computers.

Component driven design.

All layouts were built upon an external library, meticulously assembled specifically for this project. The responsive and flexible component and style system was aligned perfectly with the developers' sandbox, enabling the rapid and error-free assembly and deployment of new interfaces.
Dynamic prototypes for non-standard interactions.
To simplify communication with developers, we used dynamic prototypes for non-standard behavior and complex interactions. This approach ensured a clear understanding of the desired functionality, leading to efficient collaboration and a more polished final product.
Our team

Working with people at Adjoe was nice and easy. Although I participated as a freelancer, I felt like a part of the team. I believe that I was able not only to complete the challenging project ahead of schedule but also to make a valuable contribution to the company.

Project management

UI/UX design & mentorship

UI/UX design

Frontend development

Julian Muñoz
Mikhail Shabrikov
Gleb Beskhlebnyy
Darren Landig
I'm available for new challenges.
I love working on big, challenging projects involving data visualization, assembling component libraries, and optimizing design processes within a team. If you have an interesting and complex project, let's talk
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